freedom, fashion, flowers. 


She was scared, you know, but clicked her heels three times and crossed the line.

The Wizard of Odd



"say something" 

this song is SO beautiful.

the vulnerable lyrics of a boy... makes him man.


this is all i wanna do . . . 

read, write, drink coffee, yoga. and nap.

oh, if only my days could be that balanced and simple!

happy autumn. <3


when it all Falls down

Happy Autumn!

The air is chilly-crisp again..

As always, it reminds me of the first days of a new college year. pumpkin spice lattes. scarves made of yarn. the colors orange and chesnut. beautiful leaves. exhaling and seeing your breath swirl in the air. bubble baths with candles.

wearing furry socks to bed.

Right when the weather turns cold, I think of romance. Yet I am not reminded of it.

God bless the USA, our government has partially shutdown. The Braves lost to the Dodgers last week during the playoffs, SO SAD! Hahaha sigh ~ it's okay, we had our golden decade of the 90's. 

Obsessed with fresh tomatoes and basil these days! I love weird leaves and herbs.

My sister Angela is pregnant. EEEEEEEEEEEE. So happy her & Zane moved back to Cali... there is something so comforting and warm about having your own sister(s) living nearby. I feel safer.

I think I need to lay on a beach for one full week and experience some much-needed tranquility. Not enough sleep and way too many blurry-living-on-adrenaline type of days. Taking control of your life is easier said than done - even the small things like drinking water, getting lots of rest, doing yoga or hiking, reading, emotional cleansing, making time for all your hobbies, and maintaining life balance. How hard is that?!? Hahahaha. Sike. 'Tis really hard. *sad face*

Going to Colorado next weekend for Kristy's wedding - Yippeee! College gals reunion. I can't wait to see some beautiful nature and just breathe in FRESH AIR. and just to fly somewhere. love it.

Halloween is soon... what to be... I can always use my blonde wig at the last minute. tradition. haha.

I need sleep. zzzzzzz

did you know an ice-cold, spritzy cherry coke can make any afternoon MUCH better??



random thoughts, shoulder knots 

i'm in love with my new haircut, but i miss my messy, long long long hair...

my haircuts always happen after Coachella. or once a year. heehee.

i guard my heart, since my liver may be already ruined. my heart, way deep down, is still safe.

smartwater bottles help me drink more H20... something about the sleek design.

lighting up an entire book of matches, one by one.. smells oh so good.

my habitual jaw-click is worrying me. restless anxiety?

i miss writing music. and the stage.

seriously blessed with the greatest family and friends. fo'real.

city lights at night, so inviting. twinkle, twinkle..

i think the most important thing is to be self-aware. don't ever lose sight of the real you.

juicy nectarines all day, every day.

be kind to everybody. that could be the greatest thing you strive for in life.

there is this raw emotional beauty to feeling fear, natural ecstasy, sadness, joy in your chest.

and your soul expands.